When I worked a second job alongside design it had its blessings but I found that my time had to be utilized efficiently. It was also a blessing to have a lot of work, and a benefit to me that it was varied. But it was one thing completing the jobs and quite another to continue to promote what I was beginning to do for new clients.

As a designer and a start-up, time is quite easily spent with activities that are all without direct financial benefit but are necessary. Reaping the rewards takes time and yet these things take up time and time is money.

All the streams of income can become possible and in order to achieve these goals together ensure to adopt these simple rules that will help:

Write & sketch it – When you think of your next project, design and tasks to be carrying out put it down on paper, or on your phones notepad. If you forget you miss out on an eventual concept and idea becoming reality. That one idea could even inspire you further to create something for future clients.

Manage Time – I don’t just mean the work you have to do but the time you rest that you need to take. Have time out from working whether this means doing nothing for a day or a couple of afternoons. Use your time off valuably, mine is usually spent with the kids, reading or taking a trip to the cinema with my wife. It can even help your thinking process about your work, ideas can suddenly come to me or I may find a solution to an issue I might be having with a design.

Read up on your industry – Research, inspiration and ideas can just be sparked from nothing by simply looking at what others are designing and writing about. Pinterest is a great place to start, I find it also helps me focus as to what I want to be achieving in the future. Reading another’s blog helps me realise what I know and could be useful to share with others.

Learn new skills – This helps you in every aspect of what you do. Once you learn more you can offer more to your clients and you will be more confident to fulfil your clients’ needs in the future. It’s good to learn on the job but better to be prepared. Take the time to check out tutorials on utube, sign up to useful newsletters and free training programs.

Organise your desktop – The more varied work I find I’m doing the more organised I find I’m needing to be especially on my computer. I think it can be easy to fall into the trap of saving things in one folder and not getting rid of what you’re not using, make sure you have things in the right place so it’s easy to find at a moment’s notice. This also applies to your email accounts; create client folders so you don’t lose correspondence or attachments.

What do you do to maximize your time and efforts? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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