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May 3, 2017

Its been a busy few months since the beginning of the year. Many ups and downs with work load and variety of projects. Since then I have been meaning to start doing this on my blog…..which is sharing work I may not put on my portfolio or just particular work that I am pleased to be apart of. New category journal #hubgraphicsjournal. I love helping small businesses get off the ground with great looking collateral to reach their customers.

The Print 3D Room is one such project. This company has been launched by Nik Butler, near horsham town center and am sure this is going to be a big success. There is lots of interest with what they offer as 3D Printing is becoming more and more needed across different industries.

I worked with Mario Fernandes (artist and illustrator) to create the original concepts for the theprint3droom. Nik decided to develop the airfix concept as he knew this would work well with a 3D print. These images are from the initial design concepts, final design, signage and the 3D print of the logo itself. We are currently putting together the website so make sure you check out



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