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It is important today for any website to have an SEO plan setup for their online presence. SEO is constantly evolving, so it is important to be consistent and adapt as necessary.

There are two types which we can cover.

On Page SEO: For each of your pages you will want them optimised for such engines. This includes use of keywords, titles, descriptions in meta tags and the quality of the content itself.

Off Page SEO: These are links that come into your website from other locations across the web. We can begin to build links and get your name and business established. This can take time but is certainly worth the effort.

Social Media: This now goes hand in hand with SEO campaigns, sharing, posting updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ would be the best options to start with. It is then important to create a community and connect with those that might need your services or share interesting info with those that follow you. This is something which has to be maintained and updated regularly which we can also help with.

Do you need SEO or a social media presence ?

Please get in touch should you require a SEO & Social Media services for your business. Our monthly price starts at only £35. Once you get into contact we can go through what your requirements are and look into how much time you would like to be spent with these services.




SEO by Yoast:

Just doing a search on the web about seo plugins to use this comes out on top. Lots of options to choose from regarding the elements of seo you may want to tackle on your website. You can create generic discriptions for your pages or complete individual details on certain pages. Other features include the built-in content analysis function, so you can easily optimize your site’s titles and descriptions for Google. Automatically generate XML Sitemaps, quickly tidy up permalinks, and remove unnecessary bloat from your website’s code.


Traffic Travis

With any online marketing campaigns you need the tools to do the job or make things easier to get good ranking and traffic to your website. I have found Traffic Travis very helpful with this, you can access quality keywords in your niche, gain valuable backlinks from your competitors as well as analyse their websites and increase your traffic. One of the best features I think about this is the dashboard is simple and easy to use. When it comes to SEO you dont want things to be complicated.

Where to start with SEO for your Website?

It can be a mind field when looking at where to start with SEO for your website. There are so many techniques and methods out there to put into practice and develop as Google changes their algorithm several times a year. It might seem for those that do SEO that they have just cottoned on to what Google and the other search engines require from a website that they then suddenly change….


Social Media

  • Research around your niche
  • Written content for Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Daily/Weekly Submissions
  • Month by month basis


  • On & Off page SEO
  • The best way to improve search visability
  • Goes hand in hand with other marketing activities.
  • Quality over quantity strategy.

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Also receive latest news and advice to grow your brand.

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