10 things to expect when getting a logo designed

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Having a professionally designed logo is essential to your brands identity. It is important to hire a graphic designer that can produce a design that represents you as a business. However getting to the finish line in the process of design may not always seem straightforward. So what are the 10 things to expect when getting a logo designed?


So when does the process start…

Getting a logo designed starts when the right questions are asked. An agency or designer should be trying to understand you as a business, what your values are, how you want to be perceived by your customers and what sort of emotional response you want when they see your logo that represents you in a single mark, which can include an image, symbol, words, custom typography and other font use. As a business it maybe required that not just a logo but an identity system is required.

Why does this matter?

In being asked vital questions it will help you know that the agency/designer understands you and will give you confidence that they see things from the right perspective. It is your business after all.

The best part to this is…

They see things more clearly than you do which can then spark more questions which reveal more of the qualities and identity of your business which can then be put in the visual form of your logo.

It is also important at this stage to do a little research yourself in regards to what logo styles you like. These maybe within your industry or inline with current design trends. This may serve as a guild for the designer to take on board before beginning to process.

Below are some examples of questions that maybe asked before proceeding with designing a logo along with style examples you could choose from.

What’s your image? Use adjectives to describe your desired business image.

Eg. Highly corporate, professional, friendly, high tech, serious, established, fun, family, business, elite, expensive, inexpensive, exclusive, trendy, big, small etc.
Who do you want to reach? Please segment these groups if there is more than one.

Eg. Blue Chip Companies, Small Business Managers. Tell us about their age, sex, income, occupation, education, lifestyle and purchasing habits.
Do you have any colours in mind for your logo?

(If so, why?) If there’s any colours you don’t like, please also tell us.

Once the questions have been asked and the research has been done you should expect these 10 things when getting a logo designed…

1. Initial Meeting & Discussion: This is a vital stage with any project a designer may undertake for you. Throughout any process open communication must be maintained. The initial meeting will help both the client and designer is clear of how to move things forward.

2. Whats the time frame: How long will the design(s) take. How soon do you need it? There may have to be an agreement around time frames. The designer may allocate a set amount of time in general but it will depend on the number of concepts are offered or that you require. Which leads on to the next one.

3. Quantity: How many designs will you be getting for the cost. Or how many would you like to see. There maybe different packages that the designer offers so make sure you know what to expect and they are clear of your expectations.

4 Feedback & changes: Once the first concepts have been produced explanation of the designs will be presented and your feedback will be required. Changes may need to be made. You should be listened to and come to mutual understanding of the next stages in the design process.

5. Revisions: How many revisions will you get with your chosen design before the final concept is produced. This should be specified by the agency or designer, however the price would naturally increase if more than what has been agreed to is required as this will effect the overall time frame to get the finished design.

6. File formats: Once you have the finished design it should be supplied in various file formats. These should include, ai. png. Jpeg eps. And any others that maybe relevant to what you may need the designs for.



7. Colour palette: You will need to know the colours that have been used in your design. Having the colours (RGB, CMYK, HEX) are needed as you will want them to be consistent when used with other branded elements of your business. Make sure you have this information.

8. Font use: It could be that certain fonts have been used in the creation of your logo. If not supplied make sure you ask what has been used as the fonts can be used across other printed and web material, again keeping your brands identity as consistent as possible.

The above examples are from branding guidelines which can be part of the natural progression from a logo design.


9. Brand Development: A natural progression of a logo design is putting in place Branding Guidelines as this will help your visual identity be applied across all digital and printed media. The agency or designer should be able to offer doing this once the logo is complete or to encompass this as part of a package.

10: Cost: I almost forgot this one, if they have a package for you to choose or need specifics before you get a quote make sure you know the price. A deposit should be required before beginning the process.

I hope these points have helped if you are looking for an agency or designer to produce a logo design for your business. Any other points that come to mind I will certainly add in the future. Please get in touch with me should you need these services or require branding, a website or other cool stuff to promote your brand.   Save Save Save Save








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