Building a brand – 3 Important questions to be asking

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When it comes to starting a business and building a brand around it there are certain questions that need to be asked and answered in order for there to be a strong foundation to move on from and look back to.

Simple enough to ask but they can be tricky to get right. Many companies big and small can get these questions wrong from the offset, don’t even bother to ask them or they forget and therefore the focus changes and things start to head in the wrong direction. This can have an impact on loyal customers who maybe unknowingly trusted the brand because the brand had these foundational questions right.

A good example of this would be VW. These two articles from MediaPost and Branding Strategy Insider describes the situation well:

Perplexed By Purpose: What Brands Get Wrong

How Volkswagen Can Begin To Restore Its Brand

It explains how they lost sight of the core purpose during ‘Diesel gate’ and ended up committing fraud in the process. This caused a knock on effect of distrust and betrayal from customers. I am sure not many of us in business want to deal with that down the road, pun intended! 

So what are the questions to ask when building a brand should be asking themselves……

Simply, Who? What and Why?

Who are you as an individual, company and brand? 

What is it that you do?

Why are you doing it?

They seem simple enough to ask but are they simple enough to answer? Only you can answer that. For me the tricky ones to answer have been to answer the Who? And the Why?. I say this because it’s easy enough to come up with answers that a 100 other people can come up with. You can be left with no sense of uniqueness to what you might be offering because you don’t know who you are or why your doing it?

You could pose the question from a client’s perspective even….

Why should I choose you over your competitors?

When answering the questions it’s a matter of identifying what it is that differentiates you from the 100’s of other brands possibly offering a similar product and service.

The ‘Why’ question can be extremely important as this can then form the basis for your mission statement. Once this is answered try and reduce the statement to at least eight words or less. 

Some of the most well known brands have got this right.

TED: “Spreading Ideas”
KICKSTARTER: “To help bring creative projects to life”
COCA-COLA: “To refresh the world”
GOOGLE: “To organise the worlds information”
UBER: “Evolving the way the world moves”

So just a quick recap….
Get these 3 questions right, then stick to them and your brand will have a strong foundation to build upon and grow.

Who are you?
What is it that you do?
Why are you doing it?


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