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5 Essential areas when branding your business

If you a growing your personal brand, designing a website or starting an online business these elements are essential to reaching your audience. Don’t underestimate any of these 5 Essential areas when branding your business. 1. Colour Theory: Colour will effect your...

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10 things to expect when getting a logo designed

  Having a professionally designed logo is essential to your brands identity. It is important to hire a graphic designer that can produce a design that represents you as a business. However getting to the finish line in the process of design may not always seem...

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My Journey To The #1 Spot in Google

Looking to try to get to the top spot in Google? If you want to rank for your services locally then look no further. You can follow what I did here and see similar results. So by searching for a local graphic designer or logo designer for the West Sussex area in the...

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Why I deleted facebook & that includes Instagram

Just a warning before I begin, this is a rant. But i hope in some way this can serve a purpose and be helpful to you. So today I decided to delete every photo on Facebook, every tag, every bit of personal information, my business page and then the account itself. I...

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How to increase website traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform to use for personal use and for your business. It can help increase traffic to your website and blog and can provide hours of inspiration around design work. You can utilize Pinterest to increase traffic to your website by creating...

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Choosing fonts and colours when designing a website

When designing any website it is important to gather certain information which will help you be consistent with design. This is particularly necessary when it comes to choosing fonts and colours. Since designing over 250 websites I have put together a process when...

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Social Media Image Sizes

  How to create your social media cover photos Before we get started its important you have the right software which you can use to create your social media cover photos. You will not need advanced design skills for this, you can download software such as...

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50 lessons learnt since running my creative business

It has consistently been a learning curve since starting Hub Graphics in 2013. Many transitions from how I work and the tools that I have used. Design trends with graphic design, logos and anything web based is changing fast and is competitive. Responsive design is...

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15 Helpful Resources for Graphic Designers

This is a list of 15 helpful resources for graphic designers, which I use myself, I have been using these over the past few years. In the future this is a list that can easily be added to as more useful stuff is found on the mighty inter-web. I hope the information is...

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25 WordPress Resources to start your online business

  WHY THIS POST? The reason I have put together a Wordpress resources for bloggers is help those who are looking to launch their own website or blog online or they just want manage or optimize a Wordpress website either for business or personal use. These are...

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10 Reasons Your Business Should Use WordPress

The key factor to consider when it comes to building any website is its functionality. Does the website deliver what the client needs and does it engage properly with your customers? Wordpress is the CMS (content management system) platform of choice for businesses,...

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A spot on – Top 50 Design Blogs in the UK

There are some great designers and agencies on this list, nice to have a mention at number 36. I can see why its nice that is at number one, they have some great informative articles on the blog lots to keep in touch with across different professions. Thanks Gabriel...

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Colour Theory and your brand

When it comes to colour theory and your brand there a various important aspects to consider when choosing the right colour palette. As this will then be used across your marketing channels including your logo, website, print material, signage etc. You should not...

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Where to start with SEO for your blog or website?

It can be a mind field when looking at where to start with SEO for your website. There are so many techniques and methods out there to put into practice and develop as Google changes their algorithm several times a year. It might seem for those that do SEO that they...

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5 factors for effective logo design

It maybe clear in your mind what you want your logo to look like or you may just have the name of your company. With any business logo however for effective logo design you will want it to be clear and portray the right message of your brands identity.   1....

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WordPress Speed – Don’t overlook it!

When it comes to the speed of computers and the Internet in particular I seem to lack a bit in the patience department. I am sure, no certain that we have all had moments when we have lost it when it comes to operating a computer. However quick they make them it seems...

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