Olive Tree Reconciliation Fund

Olive Tree Fund is a Christian Charity that builds bridges of understanding and support, in the spirit of reconciliation, between believers in the Holy Land – both Jews and Arabs – with Christians worldwide.

A new brand identity and website needed to be created to facilitate the news, information and resources that are being regularly updated and produced by Julia Fisher and the team at the Olive Tree fund.


– Brand Identity
– Logo design
– Responsive website design
– Custom Search functionailty
– Podcast Integration

Rebrand & Assets

Several designs for the logo were presented to Julia and the team. The chosen logo worked well as the ‘O’ can be used as a logo mark on its own or part of the full word logo.

Additional branding elements were then created to compliment the logo. Sketches of an olive tree and branch would be used across the new website.

Website Design

The website design consisted of 3 main elements which needed custom functionailty. Those visiting the website needed to be able to search for particular podcasts, articles and publications whilst being able to specify topic, location and date.

This functionality was kept in line with the brand identity and colour palette.