Truth & Life Coffee

Truth & Life Coffee is a new coffee brand that bridges connections between the Oceania country of Papua New Guinea and the UK. Their mission is that this established connection will help support and make a difference to the people of Papua New Guinea.

I have had the pleasure of working on this project to bring awareness and help establish the brand for the future prospects this product can bring to the coffee farmers of Papua New Guinea.


– Brand Identity
– Logo design
– Illustration
– Packaging
– UI design

Wordmark, Badge & Icon

The typeface that was used has been customised for the logo, including the coffee bean to be used as the dot of the ‘i’. Using the type I created several variations of the logo so that they can be used across various packaging designs and on the new website. There is a mix of very simple designs for the favicon to the more intricate tribal illustration.

Packaging & Mockups

The variety of the coffee beans and products that will be manufactured will vary and grow over time. The examples that were presented to the client gave them an idea of how the branding elements can be used in different settings, primarily on a soft packet and tin of coffee.

Other collateral was then created such as business cards, letterhead and loyalty cards.

UI Design / Website Design

Currently in development is the ‘Truth & Life Coffee’ website design. The website needs to be responsive for mobile use. It will have simple navigation and functionailty for customers to buy their coffee and related products.