Weird and funny websites to check out whilst self isolating or in lock-down.

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So it seems we are all stuck indoors at the moment. I thought I would try and lighten the mood with some weird and funny websites I found that might keep you entertained for a little while.

Some are just annoying, most of them useless but all of them amusing.

1. GEEKtyper

If you want to pretend you can hack the CIA or other intelligence agencies then your like this one. Just type anything and it will generate coding for you. There are several themes to choose from as well.

2. This is Colossal

Its one of those websites that makes you go wow! There is a lot to check out on this international platform for contemporary art and visual expression. There are various categories to check out including, humor, nature, science, art, surreal and photography.


This is one to bookmark as it does one very simple thing. I wont spoil it for you, but lets just say if your a Star Wars fan it will be more amusing.

4. Endless Horse

This website has the potential to keep you busy for hours, however I am not sure you will want waste your time for to long. Maybe you can have a laugh and share it with someone else?

5. Quick, Draw

This one is quite good. You have a limited amount of time to draw what they tell you and the A.I then guesses. It can be quite frustrating as you might think that its obvious what you have drawn, so its worth a few goes. I managed to get 4 out of 6. Check it out.

6. Wallpapers Wide

Its always satisfying updating our desktop wallpapers now and again. This website has loads to choose from, but the bonus is you can choose your device dimentions so you can have them on your phone and tablet. You will be spoilt for choice!

7. Koala to the Max

Who doesn’t like pretty patterns. On this website you can create your own by simply moving your mouse over the circles. Very simple, quite fun. You can simply refresh the page for different colours.

8. Map Crunch

Quite fascinating this one. You can simply press go and google maps streetview takes you to a random place on earth. I found there was loads of places I had never heard of.

9. Weird or Confusing

This website will select at random weird items for sale on ebay. The things people buy! I think I might get my cat a strap-on unicorn horn.

10. Cleverbot

I know that we are all stuck indoors at the moment and cant meet up with friends and family but dont get to carried away with this one. Your basically talking to an AI. A bit annoying but interesting what it might come up with to answers to your questions.

11. Bored Panda

This is a fantastic blog filled with lots of entertaining content. There are some very relevant posts regarding the current COVID-19 crisis we are all in right now. I am sure you will be sharing with others what you have found.

12. Zoom Quilt

Just sit back and relax and watch to see what is revealed. Very clever but very simple concept.

13. Eel Slap!

It is exactly as it sounds. You move your mouse across the page and slap a man with an Eel, that it! Hours of fun…

14. Stupid Laws

This is another fascinating website with lots to look through. You can check out weird and stupid laws from across the globe.

16. Match Age

How good is your guessing ages? This one will keep you guessing for ages. Quite fun to do with others.

17. Neave Interactive

8 websites and sources of entertainment. It will keep you amused for a while. One of my favourites I must admit. Make sure you check out the strobe illusion.

18. Patatap

Shapes and sounds created by pressing keys. Very simple but quite fun.

19. Typatone

The act of writing has always been an art. Now it can also be an act of music. Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note putting a new spin to your composition. Make music while you write.

20. VAT19

Some very cool things to buy from VAT19 my kids are always checking it out to see what the latest trends are. Which could include, giant gummy bears, deck of black cards, burrito blanket, mystery boxes and a lot more.

Hope you enjoyed working your way through this list. If you know of any others please share them in them comments section below.

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