Hub Graphics seeks to enhance your brands qualities and personality through visual means. We want your customers to have a positive experience when they come into contact with your business.

Branding encompasses such aspects as delivering on promises, consistency, communication, innovation, marketing, customer service and creative design.

The associations that a person or group has through marketing will convince people to buy your product but it is its branding which will impact whether they continue to buy and use it. I will work with you in order to form a clear brand strategy and form the right identity.

Logo Design & Identity Systems

We work with you to create an accurate and captivating logo design that represents you and your business accurately. This will involve the right questions being asked, research being done and possibilities explored to make sure we arrive at a complete and multifaceted identity system.

As part of this process we can then explore where and how your logo and identity system will be used and seen by your customers so they can identify you clearly across all types of physical and digital media.

Branding Guidelines

Take your identity a step further by ensuring your visual identity is consistent and maintains your brands integrity. This is done through focusing on all touch points of your brand which include:

  • Overview of your brand’s history
  • Logo creation and its specifications
  • Guidelines around typography
  • Colour palette
  • Iconography
  • Image style and usage
  • Textures and patterns
  • and more.

Branding guidelines will ensure that your brand assets are used correctly and consistently for the future.

Brand Strategy & positioning

We can delve deeper with strategy & positioning.

It is essential to be strategic when it comes to your brand. You need a favourable, strong position within peoples minds to reach your customers effectively. Your offer needs to be clear, unique and believable to ensure you surpass your competition.

We work with you to ensure your offer aided by visual means has a positive reputation when it comes to the positioning of your brand in the marketplace.