Logo Design

Your visual identity and logo is central to your branding process. It is the distinguishing mark that you will be known by as a business.

Your logo and visual identity creates an immediate impression either positive or negative. Poorly crafted its visual appearance can create skepticism and distrust.

On the other hand if your visual identity is thought out and then professionally designed it will distinguish you from your competitors. In appealing to the emotive side of human behaviour, it will reinforce recognition in a subtle and even subconscious way.

It will reflect the quality of your products and services through association, leading to brand loyalty.


As a business your logo must be unique, it is the identifyiing mark of your brands personality. In research, discovery and then design we develop this with you for all marketing touchpoints.

Design process

We can discuss with you what the best options are or perhaps you have an idea in mind which you would like developed or re-branded.


Logo Design Pricing


We provide you with a questioinnaire that asks particular questions regarding your business and what you would like in regards to your logo design. Going through this with our clients is important to fully under-stand your requirements, this can be done in person or over the phone.


Once designed your logo(s) will be presented to you in a PDF document which we take our clients through. Explaining why we have come to decisions regarding its style and design. We can then decide how to move forward in regards to changes in order for us to complete the final version you are pleased with.


– Black and white versions
– Logo in chosen colour palette variations
– Size variations and adaptions.
– Mockups for business cards.
– Details of colour palette & font use

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