Logo Design

Your visual identity and logo is central to your branding process. It is the distinguishing mark that you will be known by as a business.


As a business your visual identity must be unique, capturing and expressing your culture and personality. This is primarily your logo which we design then further develop across all marketing touchpoints.

All in the detail

As well as being unique your identity system needs to work across all printed and digital means. This is where we bring together style, colour, typography and imagery to maintain consistency and fully express who you are.

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Make the right impression

We create simple, but cleaver logos

Your logo and visual identity creates an immediate impression either positive or negative. Poorly crafted its visual appearance can create skepticism and distrust.

On the other hand if your visual identity is thought out and then professionally designed it will distinguish you from your competitors. In appealing to the emotive side of human behaviour, it will reinforce recognition in a subtle and even subconscious way.

It will reflect the quality of your products and services through association, leading to brand loyalty.

We can discuss with you what the best options are or perhaps you have an idea in mind which you would like developed or re-branded.

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